Our Role-Couple WHY!!!!!????

Grammy day was supposed to be a glittery affair for R&B's reigning It couple, Chris Brown and Rihanna. But things went horribly amiss.

About the time Brown was scheduled to be singing "Forever" onstage at Los Angeles' Staples Center, he was instead detained by police, being questioned for allegedly roughing up Rihanna.

Brown, 19, turned himself in at the Wilshire station around 6:30 p.m. and was booked on suspicion of making criminal threats. The case will now be sent to the district attorney's office and further charges could be filed. He was released from jail after posting $50,000 bail.

Sources tell E! News that the alleged victim was Rihanna, 20, and that she suffered visible bruises on her face during an altercation that took place hours earlier. Both in turn balked on scheduled Grammy performances.

A spokeswoman for Brown's label declined comment. Rihanna's publicist, Amanda Silverman, would only tell E! News that the 20-year-old "Disturbia" singer was involved in an unspecified traffic mishap. "Rihanna is well," the rep said. "Thank you for concern and support."

Per department policy, police declined to identify the alleged victim in the incident, which occurred about 12:30 a.m. in the Hancock Park area, apparently as the two were heading home from Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy bash, where they had been all smiles.

In a statement, police say Brown and his companion "became involved in an argument. After stopping his car, Brown and the woman got out and the argument escalated. The woman suffered visible injuries and identified Brown as her attacker."

By the time officers arrived on the scene, Brown had split.

Rihanna, whose full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, decided against singing a medley of "Disturbia" and "Live Your Life" at tonight's awards. Likewise, Brown scrapped his scheduled performance of "Forever."

"We're sorry she is unable to join us this evening," said the Recording Academy. A virtually identical statement was issued for Brown's absence. . . .[Article borrowed from Eonline]

Now if you havent already gotten the gist of it, they are trying to say, Rihanna got hurt, but their publicists dont want to say that It was Chris, so they say He was with an uknown companion. Thats a good PR crisis move, but that's not going to work . It's hard for me to believe that Chris would raise his hands to her, and Its also hard to believe that she would do or say something to spark that in him. . .

"What's We Gone Do?" - Cedric the Entertainer

Why did they have to do it like Ike and Tina?

Was Rhi talkin crazy with an attitude?
Did our boy chris Hit her with the wah wah wow?
Did she kick him in the Ding-a-ling?
Is that why she has two black eyes?
Does she Now look like Sophia/Forest Whittaker by the eyes?


OcTaViUs said...

i dont believe it (t-pain voice)

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Yep, this shit is more real than that fake ass antique camera you walk around with.

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Tina looks scary in that picture.


I have a feeling that Rihanna is playing the innocent, quiet role on purpose. That will keep her career moving. However, she probably has secret moves and will show up on Chris' doorstep one night and show him what "A Good Girl Gone Bad" really means...and no one will find out.....

...Unlike Chris Brown dumb ass who made a scene...not to mention him showing his weakness by hitting small ass Rihanna. He could have at least just pushed the sh*t out of her. *shakin my head*

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

by the way...this was not MY role couple. Now if Will slip up on Jada...all HELL (RAGE) is breaking loose!!!

OcTaViUs said...

He eddy goro kick her has wit both nike sbz

Nichols Accomplished said...

That's why you don't need to mess with a chick that bad if when you are young man... That Jamaican come back got that nigga swingin on her! He doesn't know what to do with himself. Really what Is he thinking? Also, does flea the scene mean that he ran away on foot?.. Haha! This dude is crazy, he should have just called superhead and let her bop him up to calm his nerves. Head solves all problems, especially if it's super!

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Very good Observations Puny P,

I feel that the Police sometimes make a black man look weak as possible so when hey said "flea" They meant he just got in the car and was driven away before they were called and arrived.

He didnt literally run lol because he was the person who turned himself in for questioning and then swiped that debit card for $50,000

I think that Head was his problem!! Dudes that get all the PuNanny they want are always calmn and happy, but once something doesnt go their way, they can't handle the stress.

Diamonds, Fans, Fame, and Fuckin can ruin your life, especially if you are raised into it.

Da$hing said...

dont believe it
chanting: free chris brown, free chris............ he's already out? oh? in that case back to free gucci
Chanting: free gucci, free gucci, fre.....he's out to? well damn, going to finish homework.