Grammy Red Carpet

I think JHud is tight, but that dress is wack!. I can see what she was going for, but big girls cant mix with too many folds and tucks, and gathers, the top cool but that mettallic napkin around her waist, come on???

And T.I. , you dont wear satin lapels with an open shirt and no neck piece. Thats like wearing a hoodie and some dress pants.

I dont even need to speak on the others . . . lol


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Jennifer's dress was FINE Darren. Gosh.

What was the point of even MENTIONING T-Pain?

And ol girl with the lilac could have been decent if it didn't have those granny flowers on it and if she didn't have them navy lookin stockings on. UGH!

Nichols Accomplished said...

t-pain doesnt even think he dresses nice. its a given that he is gonna look ridiculous! he has so much money, he is above having to care about his appearance. i guarantee he got that lime shirt from value village... if you ask him why, he would respond simply with "because"...