UV and Club Home

I recently Celebrated my first 21st Birthday. [second one coming May 17th, 09] It's funny how the Drank erases memories, The farther down you go in these pics the Less I remember, Please Bare with me. . . lol
People In St. Louis say that Club Home is always trying to keep "Us" out. Unfortunately I found this out. The guard didnt want to let me in because my license was expired, it's my 21st year of life DUH! . . . Anyway I he said if I could get into the casino he would let me in his club. . . Low and Behold MISTA BROWN (above) let me in the Casino. . .
And this is when Memories were lost, I can only assume what was going on in this pic (above)
Syl: Did that just happen?
Me: I KNOW that didn't just happen?!?!?
That random guy: Um yea . . . I think that did just happen . . .
Oh and this is a very faint memory and it makes me think about a few things. White women and Black men have one of the strongest attractions, and they may be the cause of our two races melting together into the future.

I actually think it's great! It gives White woman that long strong difference they need, and it keeps the notion that good black men are desired and sought after stuck in the head of Black women [Dont get comfortable because of your race "sista"]
Only if I had a few less drinks. . . I would have remembered.


Sylvia said...

If it makes you feel any better, I was completely sober and I have no clue what prompted that picture. Also, that cop looked just like Mr. Brown and acted like him too-do you remember when he dropped down to the floor? And finally, I'm too mad at your usage of "sista". lol. Hilarious!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Darren if ur gonna get you a white girl...can she at least be decent looking like Claire on Heroes?...I don't approve of this one.