HEY FOLKS, DON'T CHA JUST LOVE WHEN FLI $HIT HAPPENS? Like when something new comes out in you just have to get those PAWS on it. Thats how I felt when I was introduced to FLI PELICAN ClOTHING! thanks steve (Homie from I AM)
Another thing I also enjoy is not only rocking the clothing, but knowing the brian behind the operation personally, BIG shout out to NINO the CEO of FLI PELICAN & the right hand man Sherman Harper.
so if yall wanna be FLI soon I would start here http://flipelican.bigcartel.com/


Nichols Accomplished said...

I definitely a couple crew necks in my life!.. Which I will probably end up giving to Oc.

The Skipper said...

Most def seeing a bright future for this company...