Due to the comedic acts...I will give it a chance..

*looks up* So that picture has nothing to do with this post besides Ray J being involved. I just thought it would be funny. HAHA!

ANYwhooo...So if you didn't know...I cannot STAND Ray J. I feel that he is a lame, annoying, voiceless ass negro with a big dick (just being honest). BUT in defiance of...I have taken the task of watching the first episode of his reality show "For The Love of Ray J". One word for it: HA!! I was so entertained. By the ignorance...by Ray J's constant use of the word "baby"...by the Russian girl who can barely speak english...but most of all, by this one girl named Chardonnay who done let it all hang...literally!!

Check out a full clip HERE.

*Catch more of these illicit episodes Mondays at 9pm central on VH1.


Nichols Accomplished said...

is penis has actually penetrated kim kardashian's VULVA man, wow!.. i dont care how lame he is. He is getting it in, literally! ha...

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

ur right Nichols. he WAS getting in. probably still...but probably not on the levels of Kim Kardashian. As a matter of fact, from a lady's perspective....I've noticed that Kim Kardashian has been mighty quiet lately while she's basking under the shadows of Reggie Bush's ball sack. This probably means that Reggie's dick is beasting Ray J's...no lame factors...with a warranty included. Good sh*t. THEREFORE...Ray Js "sex-tape length" fame was good while it lasted. But it had to cease. It was a good fight but his lameness have overpowered the quality size dick.

**please excuse the use of language Monarch fans**

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

However this post had nothing to do with that lame ass nigga. I just wanted yall to watch that funny ass clip! HAHA