[This is in now way to make fun or to humiliate]
This guy was sitting in front of me in class today, As you can see from these bright colors i could barely focus on my instructor.

He is clearly not afraid to make a statement with this bright ensemble, and He is Clearly not form St. Louis.

I feel sorry for those who change cities, especially from a smaller less fashionable to a bigger more up-to-date city.

You can't hate on those who don't know, so that's why I wont go hard on this. [it speaks for itself].
Let us just hope that he sees error of his ways in comparison to the people he sees around him. . . .


OcTaViUs said...

wow dude, i would not have known for u to BLAST someone like this so bad! is it my fault? did i turn u into such a bad person?.........lol