I see Myself

I try to to follow high end brands and I ran across Loewe Fall 2009 [thanks LB] If you know me I really dislike my size and shape like every dude I want to be a little bit taller and little bit big. In my case I treat it as a big deal, but lately I've been more accepting to my build and trying my best to embrace it.

How can you embrace something like that? focus on the best aspects of it. So i'm about 6ft Broad shoulders, very slim hips and long legs.

That is why these belted looks are best for me! if i'm already long and lanky I want to look longer and lanky and you can't tell me shit!!!

I will be looking out for more Loewe because I'm also really feeling the slight loose fit [blue blealted Pea Coat Below] Tall guys need this, I dont want my boney ass ankles out all the time lol I want some of that 1940s Zuit Suit swag! lol


Anonymous said...

That Grey belted coat is so sexy, and so is that chunk turtle neck sweater.