My Bologna has a first name. . .

OSCAR buzz has begun and I am already ticked off about two of my favorite white women getting beat by Kate Winslet for the Golden globe, if you follow the industry you know who they are, but that's another story.

I'm here to talk about what could be a potential racial overcoming in the film industry if one of these two ladies were to win an Oscar.

Viola Davis has been a staple of many television police drama's and a few notable films such as Law and Order, Traveler, CSI, and City of Angels.

She is being Nominated for Doubt where she plays Mrs. Miller a black woman that finds out that her son may be apart of a molestation scandal with the head priest of their church.

Its phenomenal because her scenes in the movie are very brief but they are just that Emotion evoking to get her nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Now, This woman has worked hard to insure that you remember her face, she may not have the long dated resume as Viola, but she was blessed with the dramatic role of a confused and conflicted lover in John Singleton's Baby Boy in 2001. That movie is officially apart of the Hood classics (please excuse me, but u know). So she is well know to "our people" but she is just now getting her exposure to every one. After 17 episodes on Boston legal, and her nominated film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button "they" are ready to except:
Taraji P. Henson,
she just has to beat out the competition for Best Supporting Actress.

Now This is One of the greatest line-ups so far; Out of 4 nominees two of them are Black women playing positive and meaningful serious roles in blockbuster films.

I just hate that these two women are up against each other. . . but when you think about it thats great I rather have these two black women competing for accolades instead of a single black woman standing against an all white group.

Oh and if Amy Adams (cool as white girl) wins for Doubt I won't be too upset. but If Marissa Tomei wins for that weird ass "The Wrestler" movie Imma be pissed!


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