I'm random. I love Hollywood. I love depth.

Perfect reasons to name Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol as two of my favorite artists. Sometimes I hate to state that because EVERYONE loves these two. And it seems like i'm apart of the bandwagon. But then i think to myself: Twiggy...do I really give a damn? HELL NAW! I can like whoever the hell I want. ANYwhooo...these two entertain me so. Basquiat with his OH so unique creations. At first look, you might think random or weird but that's what catches your eye. Am I wrong? But the meanings behind these pics make it even better. Poetry, heritage, justice, equality, and cultural identity. Gotta love it. And Andy Warhol...with his obsession for Hollywood. And the way he defines Pop Culture with his art. Magnificent. I have a slight obsession. I must admit. I may complain about certain figures in the Hollywood "world" but all-in-all...I LOVE IT. So these paintings mean so much to me.

Its amazing how legends still live on....