Cry While Driving Because of Mommy (I wish I could make that rhyme)

Yesterday, I was cruising down the street lanes in my whip (ha!) listening to Late Registration (my FAVE Kanye album). Usually I sing-a-long to every song because I actually know the words to most of it and singing-a-long makes the trip to your destination much shorter. Somehow, I got into the zone around track 16 which is titled "Hey Mama". Instead of singing along, I truly took the time out of my safe-traveling experience to truly enjoy the meaning to the song. Of course, Kanye is speaking of his relationship with his mother (by the way, this song means a lot because he wrote this song BEFORE his mom passed away...alive and well...always the best time to show your love for someone), but a LOT of it relates to me and how I feel about my mother. And guess what my a$$ started to do??...........I started crying!!! WTF!!??!! I haven't cried on a song since '91 (true story....I used to cry to some sappy Christmas song at the age of 4. I was weird). After I realized I was crying, I started to laugh at myself for being a sappy bum. I think I must have embarrassed myself (the people in the cars next to me probably thought that I was having an emotional breakdown...menopause at the age of 22...break downs and ish). but ANYwhooo...after I stopped thinking that i was a rah-tard, I realized that I had a reason to at least drop a small tear (I only had like 2 tears throughout this process). The reason is:


I am one lucky mamma jamma. BELEE DAT! My mommy is goofy just like me, funny, weird (a good weird), has nice jewelery (random quality but who cares), helps with funds, gets on my nerves at times (but that just proves we are normal and our souls are not possessed or nuthin' like that), has a crush on Mos Def and Common (at least i think so), laughs at things in church that are not supposed to be funny, does not try to be cool and wear Air Force 1s, looks younger than her age, still will wrestle me, gets manis/pedis every week, drives a Jeep Commander, likes to go bowling and has her own bowling shoes and 2 balls even though she is not a professional, has 3 weirdos for kids, knows how to work the Wii, plays Bingo at home for money, cheats when playing Scrabble (you are not supposed to look at the dictionary if you want to be a legit winner in Scrabble...it's just not fair), drinks Malibu rum with pineapple juice, says "easy greasy" as a salutation when we get off the phone, lets me eat in the living room with the cream carpet, takes pictures with crackheads because the crackhead's sign is funny (click HERE for proof!!), and there's so much more but I would take over the Made Monarchs blog with my antics alone and I love my fellow Monarchs so I will not go thus far. Just know i looooveee my mama.

I have decided to end this post awkwardly...

soooo.....the end.


Mz_SkinnieMini said...

Great post! I thought I was the only 20+ yr old that calls my mother "mommy"!

OcTaViUs said...

Cal is amazing
great post