Anybody out there?

What do you think these three Mofos are up to?
By the way. . . I feel Kind of detached and disappointed. When we make posts we are not always aiming to be your news source, For the most party we seek to have a conversation with our Courtiers. [WE DON"T SEE YOU AS BLOG FOLLOWERS, BUT AS FRIENDS TO CONVERSE WITH].

In a Royal Court the Monarchs have their constituents, friends, and family surrounding them on a day to day basis. (cuz there wasn't much do back then when you were a king) . So it was an ongoing party where people kicked with the royal family and talked about stuff all day.

So for the past month we see your numbers in the matrix, but we don't see YOU talking to us. Take a look at our posts for the past few weeks the majority of them have 0 comments.

Please tell us whats up?