We are the world 25 years for Haiti

Ok, so I love this video, and I could do nothing but smile at all the love and dedication these people put in. It's not a laughing matter but I had to let a few chuckles out when I saw certain people. ex: Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes, Lloyd, and the Haitian from Heroes. It's unfair to put "The haitian" in the video, because he can't even sing, he is an actor.

My favorite parts (funny, or just Sanging!):
- Celine Dion - she tight
- Jamie Foxx - chin shake
- Older white guy - (who is he I know he is probably boucoup famous)
- Miley Cyrus - Fuck what yall say she is born country but, sings on some new shit!
- Justin Bieber - Opens the show, don't spend your day downing him, he aight.
- Lil wayne - all auto-tune
- Wyclef - goat voice!!!!

- Kid Cudi - You might miss him, but he is just standing in the back of the choir NOT singing during lil waynes solo. LMAO I can't take it.


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

*Nesbitt you forgot about the girl from Sugarland. You kno we fux w/ her.
*I 4got who older white guy is....but it looks like Barry Manilow
*So you telling me Barbara Streissand wasn't funny??
*I am STILL laughing at the Haitian (#HeroesFans)
*Pink can SANG!
*I AM WEAK AT WYCLEF!!...Goin hard for his people. i dig it dawg.
*Celine Dion smashed everybody
*Toni Braxton lookin GOOOOD!
*Randy Jackson....*pause*
*I'm glad they left MJ in there...he was lookin mighty fine
*Lil Wayne: "Just you and MEEE!"
*HOLY SHITTAKA @ Jaime Foxx still acting like Ray
*I like the rap part but wtf is Nipsey Hussle doing in there?!
*I didn't see Cudi at all

Overall i loved this...even teared up at the end (Good singing acapella always makes me tear up)

Anonymous said...

lol Nipsey Hussle is in there...smh...lol and TPain' autotune effect is silly

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Ok yea You know I fux with Sugarland, I just didn't know her name individually.

and I don't like Barbara lol When I seen the movie "Witches" wit the purple eyes, I always thought she was one of them.

Nichols Accomplished said...

THIS.SHIT.WAS.GREAT... because it was sooooo terrible!! there was nothing good about it other than it made me laugh til my stomach hurt.

Mr. Nesbitt said...

There was a lot of good stuff in this video, the majority of the singers in here made it tight.

NicholsAccomp is the contrasting opinion on everything.

madisonrishell said...

Lemme be the token white kid here- but the old white guy that's beaucoup famous is Tony Bennett.

The Skipper said...

man overall it was actually pretty good singing wise

Wyclef....got me straight weak but he was going in for his peeps though

Snoop Dogg....???....aint doing a thing

and i saw Cudi back there looking lost too lol

Anonymous said...

celine dion and jennifer hudson WENT IN....

did any else notice that dude from earth wind and fire mid way through? that nigga looked like DEATH

Mr. Nesbitt said...

@Madisonrishell Well where would a quirky group of people be without their token friends! We needed that info lol

@KidChaotix um I didn't see him, but I'm sure he looked Gaunt lol

OcTaViUs said...

first time looking at the video
last time looking at it
best part was the rice and the hood haitians niggas

Mz_SkinnieMini said...

Ok, so I know I'm late watching the video but I just have to comment...

Did anyone else see Faith Evans...where the hell did they find her hiding?

Who invited Randy Jackson? Can he even sing...

1 auto-tuned artist would've been enuff...no need for 3

LOL @ the Haitian kid with a Walkman...ain't seen one in a long time

I enjoyed it tho...thx for posting it!