Memoirs of @Nicholsaccomp and @Mademonarch_o: People Don't Like to Make Sense

I am pretty certain that @mademonarch_o may be the realest/funniest nigga I have ever met in my life. His ability to break down the most difficult situations into the simplest form is unparalleled, and for a nigga like me that does the exact opposite (I exaggerate seemingly meaningless shit into huge fucking ordeals) it's very important to have a friend that will tell you the truth in its purest form. For example, I was a little un-easy about posting the video's of the retarded ass white dude rapping and shit, and asked him if I should delete the post. Without even looking at me he points at the screen and says,"Look at this shit man? This slim shady lookin' ass dude is regular as fuck... Fuck no! He's using his ugly ass face to get pub on YouTube and shit!" He was completely right! Whether I am laughing with him or at him really doesn't matter, this lil' ass dude posted the shit himself. Fuck it!

Yesterday, while talking to him about something, he got in a little spat with his pops. See, his dad bought this big ass 65" television and had to move the older big screen somewhere else. His pop decides the best thing to do is to move the old big screen into mademonarch_o's 16 y/o nephew's room, place the 27" HD LCD television that already is in his nephew's room on top of the bigscreen, then move the tv stand the 27" was sitting on into the middle of mademonarch_o's bedroom and just leave the shit there. So my dude feel's the need to address the situation because his little nephew has two nice ass televisions and he is stuck with one old ass Panasonic tube tv and two television stands.

This is how the conversation went:

mademonarch_o: So, are you really gonna let him have both of those t.v's?

Pops: Are you black?

(longest pause ever)

mademonarch_o: How.the.HELL does that make any sense??? (then walks away)

Pops: agtahtgjah;agyghargaghkia;dyghas;ashgalhgalghqyqpghaihyq;

So, when he gets downstairs he says to me, "People don't make any fucking sense! If you ask them something that they don't have a logical answer to, they are guaranteed to say the dumbest shit... If you don't have a reason for doing some dumb shit, just say it!.. DAMN!" After laughing for Hella's, all I could say was, "Yeah... you are right!" because as usual, he was. I don't know how many times I have said the dumbest shit ever, or even lied, in an attempt to make some asinine shit that I have done seem less asinine-ish. It's like people would rather risk sounding even more dumb, instead of admitting to the initial fuckery and moving on with it. It's one of many things that people do that makes no sense at all...

One of the great things about having friends that are smarter than you is that they often times accidentally teach you lesson's about life and other shit. This was definitely one of those times.

Thanks my dude, lesson learned...


OcTaViUs said...

still aint got the damn tv