The Struggle ain't Pretty

[Excuse the bad Pic, His presence was more important that my Suaveness lol]

Meeting with world leaders, and those who are revered for their opinions and thoughts is an eye opening experience. Some are interested in showmanship and glamor. But most of the people I have met are celebrated beause they treat all people equally as HUMANS, that is a key word Dr. Cornel West talked about in his address.
And in meeting him and others like him (Jesse Jackson) I see they always warrant the time to have in depth conversation with people who are interested in their messgae, especially young people like myself.
Security had to rush Dr. West out the room because HE wouldn't stop talking and taking pictures. That definitely takes the stars out of my eyes and opens my ears to what this regular concerned elder has to say.


OcTaViUs said...

nice post

Angel said...

that's an honor and a privilege man

Jerren said...

My bff just said you look like Malcolm X.

Mr. Nesbitt said...

lol its only in the glasses, nothing else.