My Future is Young

Daniel Simmons
Born March 21, 1995
age 14, and in 9th grade
I definitely look up to this guy now and he is close to half my age. I usually don't care much about celebrity children and their ability to buy whatever they see in a magazine.
Diggy is different. He not only can afford the clothes, but he understands and appreciates high fashion. With that said, I have followed him from his start till now. He has become accepted amongst the fashion elite and has gained spots on the front row of many shows
[The front row can't always be bought with fame or money, many designers make you earn it!] To learn more about this click [HERE]
He is currently working on his Fall 2010 collection under the tutelage of Pharrell Williams. I look forward to seeing it because that will be his launch to the top. He has a vast knowledge of fashion at the age of 14. By the age of 20, his brand will be formidable and his name will probably be legendary.

It's sad that his older brother is so hood, and on a definitely lower level of fashion. And being hood is no excuse. He can afford the best shoes and hoodies, but I'm sure @mademonarch_O's Jordan collection is $hitting on his! It's such a shame when your little brother is doing your ass in.
I attribute his start to his Uncle Russell Simmons. The first show I seen Diggy attend was with his Uncle. Thanks for exposing this future fashion icon to the industry. He is on his way!!


OcTaViUs said...

i wanna b like diggy when i grow up

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

i wanna be Diggy's main chick when I grow up