In the Queens Court

Pharrell and Kanye keeping face with The Anna Wintour
I dont really read or watch regular world news anymore (unless it's a trending topic). All That now comes second to fashion news. Because of my ongoing attention it is rather easy for me to spot what some one is wearing from a SS2010 collection.
You have to talk the talk and learn the walk to make it to the top. I tried to bring attention to the fact that these two gentlemen were in Paris during the Grammys. I don't highlight many music/fashion types often but this deserves my comment.

As you may already know Anna Wintour is the wind that blows fashion in on direction or another with her seat as Head of Vogue U.S. She has always showed a fondness to celebrities, so this picture is not unheard of, but Most of her celebrity photos are posed and smiling. This photo speaks of action and communication! They have reached their heights of music, the Grammys are not more important to the than being on the row at the Dior men's show.

Pharrell and Kanye have studied and collaborated under the tutelage of Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton. I'm excited they have not approached this industry with their flashing lights and red carpets but with their pencils, pad, and erasers. They are learning this world just like all other fashion students and I believe they are going to be some of the first African American males accepted and revered in the elite and tenured fashion world.

Like the rest of this "street" "sneaker" "urban" fashion, it is all being drawn out of the plastics and nylons into precious fabrics and adornments, with brands like Brooklyn Circus, 3Sixteen, Y-3. . etc. Some people who follow the wave so closely don't really see the ocean.

It's definitely time for high fashion to take it's place in the hearts and minds of these young people, they say they disdain Jordan, and I'm starting to count how often they wear T-shirts.

The High side is creeping over, and welcoming with open arms, it's only a matter of time. . .


Twiggy Loveforkix said...

You will see me in REAL high fashion when i get REAL high fashion money!

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

p.s. Pharrell....