Dear Dr. West

Let me first say the word that best describes my mood right now: INFURIATED. I can't believe I let my bitterness get the best of me and miss out on you here in my home town. I've studied your work and fought to understand your perspective and how you look at the society. I even follow you on twitter......(random).

Mr. West, I know you describe yourself as a "non-Marxist socialist" (partly due to Marx's opposition to religion.) West you might be one of the best philosophers that walked the planet, So why didn't I stick around to actually witness what you do best? I still don't have a direct answer to that question. All I truly know is that I really need to work on myself as far as self control. First I was pissed at the fact I couldn't find a parking spot, 2nd I knew it was going to be a hassle to possibly get in and find a good seat due to the fact I didn't have a ticket. 3rd was me being selfish...not only myself but to you. I was so busy tripping off all that mess that I forgot the true reason why I skipped my night class and that was to come hear your lecture...NOT SEE IT. I know how you look already so why in the hell was I tripping off the fact I wouldn't have a good seat? I can hear perfectly fine, but me, being caught up in my bitterness, ran away from it all like a fool. A friend even hit me up saying she had 2 extra tickets, but I passed on them since I was far away from the event. Next time you come around, I'm going to be ready like the white folks at my school when the "Ghost Hunters" come talk about weak a** paranormal activities. I'm going to be 3 hours early with my lawn chair playing bubble breaker until you arrive. MAYBE I NEED MORE 'MORAL CONTENT'...... Yea I read that interview...thanks to my favorite professor at UMSL Dr. Guess. (Click Here to read)

Thank you Mr. West...

Adrian Octavius Walker


dj needles said...

My sentiments EXACTLY! All the times he's come to St Louis I missed. This time being no different! I promised myself I was gonna come out as soon as you hipped me to the event and I did (as you know) but when I got to SLU I was led by the same frustration as you bro. No parking and the accompanying thought of seats not being available. I'm right there with you 3 hours early the next time the good Dr returns. BELEEDAT!

Made said...

Hell yea bro im super down......I got the chairs just bring the ILL music

Jerren said...

The fact that you have identified your issue/problem is a step in the right direction. I wouldn't beat my self up over it too much if I were you. No parking spaces is a frustrating thing sometimes. And of course you wanted good seats. You really aren't there "just to see him" or else you could have had someone record it on an audio recorder for you to hear it. Good luck with controlling your temper man. Its hard to do some times.