All in the visuals...

Sometimes while on the computer i'll spend hours upon hours just searching through random sites looking for things that grab my eye or peak my interest. In doing that I may have inadvertently turned myself into one of those people that has the attention span of like a 3 yr old lol. With that said when looking through videos and stuff the visuals have like 20 seconds (or less in most cases) to grab my attention #dontjudgeme.

With this video from Curt@ins, "Night of the Living Dope" it grabbed my attention from the jump, this video has given me hope that the artistic/creative quality that commercial media once had is coming back to the forefront. The mixture of camera play, lighting, and mixed media give an amazing result to very simple video at the root. And by the looks of it,it seems that this video could have been created on a very reasonable budget. Below are some screen shots from it that are parts that caught my attention.

Anytime I see an effect like this it always reminds me of Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat from some reason. Lol, when I was younger I used to think you could do that for real and that you just have to move fast enough, #activeImagination.

The two shots above are probably my favorite parts of the whole video because I'm a huge fan of mixed media/mediums. The combination of illustration with live video is simply put, DOPE! Not only that, but the emotion in the eyes throughout also add some comical value overall...anywhoo if you want to check out the vid for yourself check it out [HERE]

**side note I didn't really listen to the song at first, but umm yeah the lyrics are little well umm...yeah


OcTaViUs said...

good ish man ima check that is out

OcTaViUs said...

i meant ish out