Visual Influence: Recycle and Reuse

I dont wacth much tv these days cause I'm usually on my laptop working on designs and stuff, but when I do watch, its usually this...

By now you're probably like "what the heck does law and order have anything to do with anything visually influencing??"...you're right it has nothing really lol but i just felt like giving a back story #shrug. Anywhoo while watching this show the commercials were playing and this commercial below for the tv show "Psych"

at first i was going to just post the video cause i thought it was funny and it had that old 1980's feel and i thought to myself this must be a spoof to an older song. So i did some digging and little did i know that this is actually just a recreation of a original song by "Hall and Oates" called "Private Eyes." Watch the vid and you'll see the videos are pretty much identitical in execution, ive always been a fan of the process of how things are made and what influences their creation...so with that i give you Private Eyes... POW POW! lol