First 2010 installment of Steez, you can probably tell by this post that i have a "slight" obsession with denim lol. When it comes to styling I tend to go for darker/earthy/subtle tones in a palette, don't know why really, I guess i just feel if you can make what appears to be mundane and ordinary to others actually pop and work well and still stand out that's where styling truly shows its best. Anywhoo on to the fits...

Combination of navy blue and khaki never goes out of style, now the 3/4 cropped pants isn't something everyone can pull off but the Danner Light Boots with the red laces set it off quite nicely.

Travis from StreetEtiquette shows why tweed still isn't out of style, classic styling and the right mixture of greens and magentas work effortlessly together.

No matter how many times you see a fit like it, a nice pair of denim and clean kicks is always a win. But to everyone reading, its all about proportions when it comes to the denim. If you cop some really nice denim and something just isn't right about how it looks, find a good tailor and get the fit right. I can't tell you how many times I've seen a potentially dope fit go wrong with some horrible fitting pants/denim. Oh and the touch of gray/red in the 5 panel is nice break in the sea of blues and blacks

BKC black denim jacket, what more can you say ,their attention to detail is top. I'm definitely digging the small details in the fit overall as well, the pocket square, multiple sized beads, nicely wrapped scarf, all come together perfectly.

All i have to say is I NEED a pair denim in this color, man man man...smh PIFF. The classic tall leather wallet is just screaming detail also...

Leather up top, leather down low....such a simple fit but still so clean. Leonardo Da Vinci once said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"

Once again navy on khaki never fails, and the denim jacket is a timeless piece that can work in various situations, I need to get one fast!

Oh and this is just a little something for my denim fans....don't sleep on classic lee, just have to find the right model.