YESTERDAY I ANNOUNCED THE MONARCHS & ANONYMOUS INSOLENCE HAD 3 BUTTONS LEFT. WELL SHORTLY AFTER THAT MY DUDE @YeaYeaImTheMAN hit me up on twitter saying...... @YeaYeaImTheMAN: My mom digs the Mademonarchs & AnonymousInsolence Haiti pin @NicholsAccomp @Mademonarch_O.
I was pleased to no that and made sure he got his hands on them. Shortly he came up to my gig and purchased all three of them which sold us out! I would like to personally thank everyone who purchased a button, thanks to you all we made $221 bucks within a week selling the buttons for only a $2 minimum donation fee. We are currently seeking the best organization to send the money through for the victims of haiti. $221 MAY NOT SOUND LIKE MUCH BUT CONSIDERING WE ONLY HAD 100 BUTTONS TO START OUT WITH MADE THIS VERY OFFICIAL. ONCE AGAIN THANKS TO ALL, GOD BLESS