I have seen some of the heads of Mo Money taxes. It's good to see black executives following the "For Us, By Us" mantra.

But this is a disgrace, and I won't lie I laughed out loud when he said " Where Dey Do dat at?!?"

But I felt hurt after I thought of the whole video. . .

What can I say, at least they are not making money through Cigarellos and Liquor.
They are helping uneducated African american manage their finances.

So good or bad? what do you think?


OcTaViUs said...

Fucking horrible but I still might let them Do my taxes lol
naw by for real Sam Cooke man WTF that was so bad I'm so happy I'm not a nigga

Nichols Accomplished said...

the saddest part about video is that this bullshit is more effective with our people than a quality intelligently put together marketing scheme... maybe i am just a snob, and don't know shit though!

Mr. Nesbitt said...

@NicholsAccomp thats what I'm saying It's very effective for low class uneducated black people.

So is it a good thing that someone is appealing to them, and doing their taxes.

Because I'm sure they break it down in hood terms at the "Mo" money office better than H&R block lol

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

totally agree with John
I see this commercial all the time and never know what to think. Therefore, I just turn the channel. I am so distracted by the randomness and dummy characteristics, i didn't even know what the ad was about!

Jerren said...

I just realized the message behind that commercial the "fat white pimp" with his own secret service is supposed to be spoof on George Dubbya. Also remember when that Durka threw the shoe at him at the press conference. and on this commercial, they threw their shoes at the pimp. And then they wrongfully use Sam Cooke's Change gon' come, and the black guys come out (I'm assuming representing Obama?)

What a bunch of idiots though.