I've been feeling down lately, not in a complete sad sense but more of a confused boredom. My social life has gone to shit compared to this time last year, this is partly because of all the business I do with different companies I own, manage, or contribute my time.

Today was the first Saturday I have actually had something to do. I promised myself I would get up and sew something. Bow-Ties have been apart of my IAMME plans for a while, I just needed the time to do it.

Here you see just a prototype, I used this fabric and shape for practice. What is released to the public may not be Tennis Balls and Racquet's at all, but it will be just as eye catching and innovative.
I know it may be hard right now but I'm bringing something new and unrecognizable to St. Louis and I hope that it catches on. What's done today is Boring, so I try to design for tomorrow or yesterday. IAMME is a blend of those two places.
~ D O Y O U H U R R M E ? ~


OcTaViUs said...

oh shit looks like ima have to come rob yo ass

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

i love that!