Back to my $hit

I started back working for ALDO. I've had to work every day this weekend. I haven't been on the "mall job" thing in a long time. It is very tiring and I'm starting to think it affects my self-esteem.
I stand and smile for my low pay while people who look great come in and spend $$$s on new boots cuz their old ones lost their shine.

I was much happier working jobs that use my skills, inturn it gives me the complete feelings of power and control. When my manager was talking about how we all need to reach our SPH and make sure we are doing our best at every little thing I laughed inside. He said He is gunning for a District Manager Spot which means the ladder will shift up. and "We need to see dedication to choose who will move into a new manager's spot".

I think with directing fashion departments, Planning events, and designing clothes. I'm off of this ladder shit. I'm building a ladder.

But in the mean time. I'm gonna smile and sell shoes like its my goal in life. And use my discount to buy new leather laptop bags.