Ramen Noodle Spazz out!

Ok now I feel really bad, because I don't take Ramen Noodles this serious but as I notice that they are not wearing anything but shorts, and the curtains are a draped sheet. I assume that they are a low-low income home. This is also infered by the cheap rent-a-center chairs in the dinning room, as well as the single christmas stocking on the wall.

BUT then I laugh because there is a HUGE FLAT SCREEN TV in the living room. It isn't there fault but shit somebody in that house has the money for that tv, as well as some ebt!

Lets do better!

*** Serious Note*** BTW that boy will shoot someone one day (probably his big brother) Thats how these things happen. That boy is a "raisin in the sun" look how he feels about 10 cent noodles. . .


Twiggy Loveforkix said...


Thats my ramen noodles B!TCH!!!!!!

OcTaViUs said...

i thought he was gon kill the bitch lol

LWay said...

Sum Of Da Funniest Shit I've Eva Seen! N Da Dude Cookin Look Like JKwan