Money Bags

MONEY BAGS is an anything goes, world wide, public art project, organized by Stan Chisholm (aka 18andCounting) and Lisa See Kim. Everyone is invited to determine the method, means, and matter of what a moneybag is, where it belongs, and what it encases. Provoking ideas of value, wealth, ownership, abandonment, economy, luxury, generosity, legality, the ridiculous and any other matters of mind is just a bonus.

Those who choose to take part are to construct their own MoneyBags, stuff them with any messages, items or creations of “value,” then add them to Chisholm’s & Kim’s MoneyBags hoard to be distributed by the stack along with other bags.

The donation of supplies, “valuables”, empty self-made MoneyBags, and project space is also graciously encouraged.

For more info and updates on the Money Bags art project check out