If you don't have twitter you may not know that rapper Tyga started a frenzy tonight with the twitter topic #lilmamais because she got on stage with Jay and A.Keys uninvited.

They went in on her, and I really hope she feels better in the morning lol as for now. . . check the tweets below

BabySpadez #lilmamais a human vienna sausage

NigelRenaudHey why is bowwow tweeting about random shit, Mofo you know what it is cuz up in this piece #lilmamais ! (you like my rhymes) GNR

ayoitznak ODE PPL VIOLATING LILMAMA LMFAOOO #lilmamaisthe light skinned one from New Boyz in a lacefront

MrJohnakin #lilmamais the spokesperson for lames

@frahnCHESkah #lilmamais the man in her mirror

pussyweedmoney #lilmamais the old ass creeper man from the 6flags commercials

@Tyga #lilmamais jayz first son

Meta4ofGM #lilmamais feeling like the flying dog in the never ending story

Lilsmoove RT @LPRETTY4Eva: #lilmamais actually one of the dogs mike vick had fighting

#lilmamais the batheing ape monkey

granmarquis #lilmamais the reason president Bush don't like black people

SashaElle @Tyga #lilmamais the new Frankie

Tyga#lilmamais the midget from helldate

Tyga#lilmamais the monkey that carried simba in lion king

Tyga#lilmamais beetle juice

KeshLondonIcon_lock#lilmamais engaged to @drakesknee

#lilmamais the little monster on the lamisil commercial

Tyga#lilmamais her braids on craigslist

NigelRenaud#lilmamais the last of the Mohicans

#Lilmamais in the studio working on a Duet wit Kanye called "Run This Stage 2nite"

#lilmamais the true definition of a pitbull in a skirt. (Lmfaooooo)

CharacterIssuez #lilmamais just signed to freeeeee credit report .com

BabySpadez #lilmamais Ren from Ren & Stimpy

Tyga#lilmamais crash bandicoot


OcTaViUs said...

everyone went in
i really hope she doesn't see or hear about this

Nichols Accomplished said...

I think fab started the frenzy!

William H. said...

She had to see that shit n woke up krying tryna hang herself like dude final destination 4....smh SHE FUCKIN FAILED HORRIBLY!!!!!

Hate Nate said...