Small Divas

So if you don't watch Tiny and Toya on BET, then you wouldn't know that Tiny has started a little 4-person girl group with her daughter Zonnique, Toya's daughter (and Lil Wayne's) Reginae, and friends. Is it just me or are girl groups not cute anymore?.....*long pause*.....it's just dead to me. Sad to see but yea.....Or maybe it IS just me!....Or I'm just old?...and I don't watch 106 & Park...because that is probably the main place you will see them. But ANYwhooo...it's still kinda cute I guess....The attempt.

Tiny and her daughter Zonnique

Toya with Reginae .... (I want them to take that BS out her hair. Please and thanks.)


C. Harris said...

Reginae...why is that young girl so cheesy? She smiles extra hard on EVERYTHING! She's funny, though. Did you see the other girl group that Tiny's started? They look like baby whores. Seriously.