Props To The Fit

You never hear me mention Cassie (because besides pretty looks, she is talentless and is holding on to Diddy like a leech...AND Rihanna and Keri have me on lock). But I have to give the girl props on this one right here. Starting with the shirt...That is a t-shirt by 'Blood Is The New Black' (I have a t-shirt by this company at home. Nice stuff if I may say so). The t-shirt says "RIP YSL". Dope huh?...What's even doper?...her stylist cut it up for her like that! SCORE!!! To make things even better...look down at her shoes. If you know me, I live in sneaker city. But every now and then, I throw in a surprise and step out with my HIGH heels on (never will I wear below 4 inches). But I only step out in the finest...not that cheap ish. Otherwise it would have been a waste of my time and I could have worn my sneakers. BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINTS! *points at Cassie's feet* I want THOSE!!! Blazin' wedge design by Giuseppe Zanotti. Badd huh?? AND I'm a cheetah fan (not the fur necessarily, but the print). And them mo-fos fit nice on the ankle. BUT!!...(and this is a strong "but")...these hoes (the heels that is) are running for a hot price of $1049...which is NOT in my bank account (Don't believe me?...click HERE). Guess I will have to find the knock-offs. I hope Gianni Bini has some. *shrug*


Syl said...

Lol! I got really scared cuz i thought the "click here" was a link to show the current amount in your bank account, and I feared that someone could identity theft you. But clearly, I misread and was wrong. Thank goodness! And those shoes are most definitely fly.

Twiggy Loveforkix said...


Syl said...

hahaha! good job! and here i was thinking that i was looking out for you, and you tricked me. lol