Mushy Gushy

Ok so Keyshia Cole done went and got the side of her head shaved off like every other chick celeb. I DON'T CARE! However I will give her props...she tried to be different and put the tinted stars up in there. But THEN I see that her boo, athlete 'Boobie' Gibson has the tinted stars as well!!! AIN'T THAT SWEET?!....nah. I could care less. These two are VERY lovey dovey mushy gushy. It's cute but I don't want them to take it too far. And then end up breaking up. And act like ish was NEVER cool between them. We have proof guys because you two are going HARD! So I will just stop here and end by wishing this couple a successful and long-lasting relationship. I don't want them to break up. That would be a waste of my time ANNNDDD most likely yours. Let us all pray for them.