Long lasting Flavor like Orbit gum

This is Mark Paul Gosselaar. You may know him better as the dreamy Zach Morris from Saved By The Bell. I like when people stay good-looking for a long time. I had a crush on him then (even though that crush dwindled during Saved By The Bell: College Years...long hair DID care) but he's still an ease on the eyes now ("an ease on the eyes"...am i getting old?). There is hope for your looks people. Keep in touch with them. Plastic surgery doesn't make things better in my opinion because you JUST might start looking like the House of Wax when that age kicks in. Keep it NATURAL! Work out...eat healthy....keep a sense of humor...and continue to be weird, random idiots like me and my friends.


Nichols Accomplished said...

that title is the FUCKING perfect like the reedemer on tef poe's mixtape... yeeeaaaoooouuuwww!