Where is this ninja at?!

So I was listening to the radio the other day and they actually happened to play a song that they don't have in their rotation playing 25 times a day. LIKE OMG WOW! They played Lil Flip's "The Way We Ball". I TOTALLY forgot about that song...which made me think....hmm....*thinking*....I totally forgot about THAT ninja! Lil Flip...where you at man? I wiki'd him and they talkin bout he recently released his first single for his upcoming album Return of the #1 Fly Boy ( <---WACK!). The single is called "Kim Kardashian"...no comment. Enough said there huh?...If you've heard that song, you're wack too. You have WAYY too much time on your hands to have heard this unheard, imaginary song from this anonymous man. Oh Lil Flip...I thought you had a good outlook at first. My white homies loved you! But I guess your time is up..."Game Over"...take that clover chain off...I think your luck ran out. *shrug*