Have you ever thought about how beneficial and resourceful Ramen Noodles are??? I was on a long road trip home yesterday and Ramen Noodles came to mind (don't ask why?). There are sooo many positives to Ramen Noodles. No one really thinks about the positives at one time...BUT I DID! And this made me SHOW SOME RESPECT! Maruchan were on top of things when they created this ish! *in my acceptance speech tone*: Ramen Noodles...you have done so much for me. You kept me going through rough times and I thank you for that.
* You can go the store and get 10 PACKS for only $1!! That is 10 meals for $1! Think of it this way: you are poor...you eat Ramen Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner....that means you have 2 FULL days and one extra course...for the price of ONE DOLLAR!!!
* They have flavors that suit your preference! My favorite is chicken since that is the only thing I eat in real life anyway. They have pork. Maybe you're not down with the swine...they have beef. Don't care for that?...Kick it oriental style. Feelin fishy??....go head and slurp up the shrimp flavor. What more can I say?
* You don't have to eat them plain! People make all types of creations with Ramen Noodles. Add cheese (yuck). My friend creates a nice sautee' with olive oil and soy sauce. Think it's too plain...add more meat! Chicken! Beef! Pork chop pieces! Hell it don't matta! It's gon taste good! Hot sauce...chocolate...whatever! HAHA! I eat mine without even cooking them. They taste like crackers!
* It only takes 3 minutes to make.....
Enough said.


K said...

Ur not lyin--I used to add real chicken to the chicken flavor!!

LadyK said...

Lmao At Chocolate. But its all definitely True. I dont get down with the beef flavor though **ew**

OcTaViUs said...

i put cheese in mine, creamy SLURP