Gets it in on all twos

I saw this on MediaTakeout. This boy sings Mariah Carey's song "Obsessed"...ok so he has no legs and he seems a little feminine. All of that mixed together equals FUN-NAY!!!! What made it funnier was that Mr. Nesbitt was over here buggin' at the fact that this ninja is doing EVERYTHING on his two hands including holding himself up with one arm....ALMOST buggin' out as much as Octavious was when we went to see "The Orphan". HA! Check it:


Nichols Accomplished said...

How does this dude shit and piss? Seriously, that is crazy. I don't think he is real man. There is no way anyone can balance their upper torso on one hand...

OcTaViUs said...

1st off this shit is fake as fuck
aint no way in hell ur upper body that strong!!!
how u gon be gay
no tooth and fake disabled? and sing mariah carrey? SIGH