Dimes and Divas

Just when I thought these crazy azz facebook groups were over, I guess I spoke to soon. I don't no why I was invited to this one anyways but I was. Dimes and Divas

Antenese Andimdatfire Connor (St. Louis, MO) (creator)
for all the sexy ladies getting it on they on.. I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU BUT I WORK HARD FOR MINE!!!

HA!!! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WORK HARD FOR MISS AND-IM-DAT-FIRE? jeeeezzzz this people on this site. So far there are 38 members of the group, I hope twiggy not thinking about joining.......LOL

Im lost for words right now. Check out the ONLY member who posted a pic for the Group


Jonny Fresh Kid said...

LMFAO!!! WHy this my EX emphasize on Ex girlfriend's bestfriend!!! hahahahaha...and the girl thats the only member is her lil sister!!! hahahaha

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Octavius got me focked up....


wtf...lmao..that shit was stupid old obviously dick lofl..but im happy someone took the time to write about me and post this i really appreciate it---THANK YOU THANK YOU--and I love you for it im SOOOOOOOOOO grateful!!!...hahahahaha