Another one Cuts

Our boy Demetrius cuts the dome!
I see the lowcut is officially back in!
[I definitely need to start growing my hair now.]

Did yall Know he was in Bone-Thugs ?


Twiggy Loveforkix said...


Ain't nobody called me and told me NUTHINNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

I meant to tell him to call me when he cut it so i can use that hair for my lace front. lol

Nichols Accomplished said...

darren, you are one of those niggas that want to be different just for the sake of it... second of all, bone thugs?! haha... what would his name have been?

Demetrius said...

lol i got the hair i can send it to you lol

OcTaViUs said...

dnyc is getting a tat in the back of his head of a mexican pizza from taco bell, and he's going to sag more down to his ankles with camo chucks on

D. said...

ADRIAN yo ashy ass fat ankle bastard gone have the dreaded mo hawk with the sides shaved