Goody Pimpin'

This past Friday...me, Octavius, and sum homies experienced a situation that you only see in the movies. NEVER in real life!!! (unless you just live in that type of world) but ANYwhoooo....at Goody Goody we saw PIMPIN'!!! Here's a quick line up:

-- the hoe callin em "daddy"
--she walks away. a pimp says "yea...go make that money"
--A quiet convo saying "I'ma big ol dolla sign. All them hoes see is dollas"

Crazy right!!!...Well what's funny is...one of the pimps (top pic) actually went to UMSL! (lmao!) So he started talkin to us about school and stuff...tellin us what he majored in (which was criminology and parole!! so he knows the system!!) and he graduated from there and blah blah blah. So Octavius ask him "Are you still working in that field?"...HE SAYS:
"Nah. I'ma salesperson now."


We failed to ask him what he sells...but you ALREADY KNOW!

So we eat up..pay...and leave. As we leave, the pimp from UMSL runs to the door. We were like "What is goin on???"...
This ninja is running to the door to catch up with sum woman and hands her a business card. The last words I here from him are:
"...I see you ain't got no ring on yo finger..."

...I run out overwhelmed.

*sigh*...The end of a soap opera at Goody Goody...


In case you wanna see if you can come upon these pimps again, visit Goody Goody at:

5900 Natural Bridge Ave
St Louis, MO 63120


Ms. Lina said...

oh yea had some Saturday morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!shhhhhhhhhhhh so good