Nichols Accomplished said...
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Nichols Accomplished said...

he is not a smart person... if it wasnt for pharrell he would be wearing fake chains and girbaud jeans. fuck out of here! this nigga is a skater and you never see him at any big competitions, let alone win. you should be grateful that pharrell let you suck his dick for a couple years, to get your 15 minutes of fame.

AND the tk's compared to the yeezy's?!!

he's a fuckin comedian. clown ass nigga needs to join the circus!

in conclusion: i do not concur!

The Skipper said...

Man he has officially put his foot in his mouth, i liked him until I heard him speak LOL

OcTaViUs said...

He spoke way to soon, well he shouldn't have spoke at all when it came to a sneaker release. The yeezys where the most highly anticipated shoe of 09! and the year isn't over yet. I don't recall anyone camping out for the supras. i mean keith and i of stl started the 1st ever camp out in stl. YOU LOST TK! sorry bro