Young Talent

One of my new fave shows is "Taking the Stage" on MTV (You should watch it. I thought it was gonna be corny but the talent on there is amazing and now I wish I would have went to a school like that even though I don't have that much originality unless you want me to show off my gear)....ANYwhoooooo...one of my favorite episodes was the radio show talent contest. That's when I was introduced to a wonderful song by Mia Carruthers. The song is called "Breathe You In". Great song. It's now quite popular everywhere. Here is another rendition of it by Mia herself. talentful. wondrous. beautiful. all the above. Check it out:


C. Harris said...

She has got to be my second favorite on the show (Tyler is my fave, lol). She is uber talented, and real. Go Mia!