Schafly Tap Room

My palette has a short attention span and gets tired of the same old thing. This time it was the Schafly Tap Room
The atmosphere is great, all brick walls, roof top patio, concerts, the actual in house brewery. This place is a little willy wonka beer factory with plenty of things to keep your attention. It reminds me of a summer lodge cafeteria mixed with an old factory.
Twigs got a Steak and Fries[$15-20] [her usual at most restaurants]
I got the Broiled Lamb sandwich [$10], it tasted like heaven, the bread is toasted to perfection and the natural cut fries are super crisp [NOT SOGGY WITH GREASE]
Adrian got a Tap Room burger[$10], on a english muffin, Thats something really new to me, but hey he said it was fire!.

Their menu is not the best, and I'm sure some of the food sucks, but when your establishment exists to produce alcohol, your customers are usually to drunk and happy to complain about the taste.

We will be back soon. Maybe even hosting?