One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish

Oct and I made a trip to the U city Loop last week. For the sake of adventure and irregularity we dont go their and wander around like many young people do. We go with a planned destination. Monday Night it was . . . [BlueOceanSushi]! which has $1 sushi on Monday nights from 9pm-10pmThe art work is hella tight, But unlike most Asian cuisine destinations you don't get an old eastern vibe with candles, and wood furniture.
Walking in I felt like I was a present day Japanese restaurant, there were panels of glass every where, plastic and chrome furniture, ergonomic seats and chairs, and techno music mixes of Beyonce, and Kid Kudi playing softly in the background..

The menu is pretty basic and they have some good prices for sushi compared to most places. You can also watch them make your food if you like.

California Rolls, and crab stick rolls. price: $2
Yes that's right! Cheese Burger Roll. This dish was my main reason for wanting to come [and of course the alluring $1 sign]It tastes way better than it looks trust me! It had cooked hamburger, cheese, lettuce, bacon, and I think ketchup. It was great.

For some reason I guess Oct likes to suck his sushi. . . LMAO This may just be my new Monday spot. Its cool, you can come too.


OcTaViUs said...

LOL very funny, u gotta keep that deal wet doe, u feel me