Save me a seat! and wrap me a plate!

Here we have  'Anna Wintour', (She is also known as Nuclear Wintour at her worst)  I'm sure you might have though she was the white witch from Narnia, No but close. . . She is the Editor of American Vogue. I did some internet research on her and found out that The Devil Wears Prada was written about her!
 Yep, the author of that book was on of her assistants who got a close glimpse of her life, and decided to write the book about her experiences. Many sources near the reigning queen of fashion editorial claim most of the fictional novel to be true!
"An intern at the magazine was told she must not make eye contact with Wintour or initiate conversation with her. One day in the hall, the intern saw Wintour trip and stepped over her rather than violate this taboo." - wikipedia


OcTaViUs said...

man that shit look way to official, i wouldn't feel comfortable rolling by that joint man, btw kanye shirt under his suit to small..........lol

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Dude...Kanye's shirt is about to bust open to the public. LMAO!

This is probably the best I've seen Justin Timberlake (besides in GQ)..and Jessica Biel looks GORGEOUS! That red dress is dope.

The best thing about Rihanna's suit was those high water pants...they fit her perfectly.

What's the girl from the Princess Diaries...I'm blanking out..anyway...I WANT HER PURPLE DRESS!!!

And Tyra betta get it...she went back to her modeling days for a minute. You should see the other pics of her. She's looks fab

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Yea I knew you would like Anne hathaway, cuz that dress was purple, fluffy, and had a ZIPPER going up the front.

and yea Kanye is lookin like a sloppy child. Tisk Tisk

Anonymous said...

am I the only one who cares about Amber? I realize that you all feel she is exaggerated, but I am finding it difficult to keep my peace!

*poor Kanye*

Twiggy Loveforkix said...

Wendi...we see her ALL the time. She always looks pretty/dope but these other dresses have her beat. So there was no need to comment. :)

defmccoy said...

Ciara looks like Grace Jones, but with a smile...but Anne Hathaway's dress is gorgeous. I know Rachel Zoe had something to do with the choice of the dress.

OcTaViUs said...

im tired of amber rose, shes going to fall off in the next 2 months. who is she anyway? like really? only known because of ye, when he's done with her, right back to the chicken strip she goes

Mr. Nesbitt said...

thank you, I'm glad some body noticed Ciara.

She is a tall glass of sexy!

and I'm Thirsty!!!!