Now that's a Bad. . .

Twiggs and I talked about Rihanna's style {or stylist!} a while back. Now she is becoming the youngest style icon around. We have to find out Who her people are!!!
Ever time she steps out its a runway compilation from head to toe, and in every different style genre you could think of. The first and last looks are my favorite.

[This White Suit makes me think of Whitney Houston. . . "Chaka Kahn!!!"]


Twiggy Loveforkix said...


Paris said that white suit look like Angela Bassett in What's Love Got to Do With It. when she had whooped Ike and ran across the street to the other hotel. LOL!

But anyway....Her style is FAAABBBULOUS DARLING!

Nichols Accomplished said...
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Nichols Accomplished said...

yooo... i would definitely take her naked in that camo jacket! yeeeaaaaooouuuwwwwww (in my weezy voice!). her pussy lips look like two nuts from the back, that thang was swangin! I didnt get to fully address my feelings about the naked picture post earlier, so as they say, i killed two birds with one stone.