Got Love for Solemates

So J.Nichols is like our outside source or something...He's a honorary member of Made Monarchs (lol). Anywhoooo...he linked me to this vid of the ladies at SolematesChicago. Solemates is probably my favorite store in Chicago. It's a consignment sneaker and streetwear boutique. They cater to women well with the dope ish that I actually LIKE and the staff there are HELLA down-to-earth. We got love for em'. In the video, Autumn and Ashley discuss the sneaker movement from a female perspective. Their views are the same ones that I have so I really enjoyed hearing this from fellow sneaker-adorers such as I *smile*. Check it out and GO SUPPORT SOLEMATES!:


Anonymous said...

Kudos for this post. Though I have never really been as great a fan of sneakers as J, I definitely can relate to Ashley... sneaker designers have failed to really cater to the variety of female "types"... I definitely gravitate to mens sneakers first... thank god for the revolution! LOL