The Diversion

I bet you come next time. . .


K said...

Funny as hell!!! Felt like I was there all over again. I was sad it had to end!!!! We had fun!


Never Fall Off!!! said...

I bet I stay next time....lol yall my guyz, and loveforkickz, or however you spell that ish.

Hmm what i gotta say... Great job with the party, dj waz kickin it, shout out to skip for laughin at the tipdrill playin,lol.

Umm...again, great party, great location...I almost hit a white boy. Umm MadeMonarchs doin tha dang thang, Red diamond in that deal, black spade you know. and umm....shout outs to Octo, for not taggin that pic,lol.

Shout outs to Mr. Nesbitt for um, holding tha camera, and not sayin a damn thang on the vid. I mean skipper, twiggy, and oct, like doin tha commentary thang, and thats whats up, I see yall takin over the industry....Takin over the world,lol.

Made Monarchs ^^

P.S. Im thinkin bout changin it to
Twigger Nesbius.

Demetrius said...

jhonna hella funny for that Dj khaled Response "we takin over" lmao hella funny