This is why I can't get enough of MTV

So I am a HUGE fan of the Real World/Road Rules Challenges on MTV. I look forward to them each season. The newest one, "The Duel 2", has started off MAJOR already. There is a big brawl on the very first episode. This isn't a normal reality tv fight. This was SERIOUS! This is the stuff you see in the streets!

To give a little recap:
* The "boxing match" is between competitors CT and Adam. Adam is the one gettin his a$$ WHOOPED! (such a shame)
* CT supposedly slept with another chick in the house (Shauvon) even tho him and another chick (Diem) had a "reoccurring thing" goin on.
* Diem hears this info and goes around asking others if it is true. * She goes to Adam first and they have a discussion about it.
* CT sees this discussion between the two.
* Diem later confronts CT and he gets upset because he thinks that this is all Adam's fault. So he confronts Adam....

....and this is how it ends. *shakin my head*


Nichols Accomplished said...

I don't undestand how he initiates the action by pouring alcohol on him, then talks all that head but when it pops off he literally runs!?! I would rather get straight whooped then run from a ninja! Especially after talking so good.

PARIS*ANN said...

well jhonna YOU KNOW i watches some MTV. and as a matter of fact watched this last nite. here's my thoughts, first of all why is diem worrying so damn much abt who he is screwing? she told him she didnt want to be with him until another 5 years. I do understand that she loves him and all that but still, either you wit him or you not so quit askin all them damn questions. and poor adam. he got sucked into it when katie punk ass the one who told! lol. its sad. everybody knows CT is a psycho. and the lil hoe he messed wit was not worth all the drama!