Soul Food

7101 Page Ave
St LouisMO 63133
(314) 725-6622
If you follow my food choices on the blog, you know that I have a diverse pallet [indian,asian,mexican, ethiopian]. But One thing that I as well as the other Monarch's appreciate is some good as HOOD FOOD!!!

Miami Wings - $6ish
Shrimp Dinner - $7ish
Gizzards - $5ish

Each plate is about a pound of food, and of course they give you a shot of cole slaw, hot sauce and the two pieces of white sandwich bread. . . It's all good in the hood!!


OcTaViUs said...

man that ish look hella nasty on camera real talk......check out the random gizzard on my plate in the random shrimp on urs....LMAO

Demetrius said...

hella funny adrian tha first to comment i thought it would be his article that shit seem like it would be good though hella flavor cooked in the black ass 30 yr old pans

OcTaViUs said...

ha!!! man u talkin about them steel mill as pans b?
we got a set of those hella hard to clean ass deals at the crib