Get me Bodied!

I stumbled upon this picture which was taken at the MTV Beach Party in august of 2008. I'm looking rather swoll in the chest, [and the nose: DAMN!] I am very modelesque but believe it or not last summer my body had more definition than it does now. 

I have accepted my small size, but I dont have to accept flabby smoothness, I'm just going to cut the fat and stay in the gym. 
Check Me out This summer, No more Shirts!!!


Syl said...

A.) I made it into another pic!
B.) Hooray for people accepting their small size!
C.) Are you sure its not the camera angle or something? I feel like I look bigger in this pic, as well? who knows...either way, good stuff!

OcTaViUs said...

i see no chest man
i see tank top

Mr. Nesbitt said...

Adrian is built and looks like Gimli from lord of the rings.

Demetrius said...

so u dong the zach this summer lol good luck to u