Balack PE-POLE!!!!

I hope 2009 brings about more class, elegance, and business to St. Louis. If you are up on social events you can see the emergence of all the big wig promoters pulling out the stops down town finding new locations, new endorsements , and guest accommodations. Not too long ago I could say that black people in st. louis would never look like the Cast of "BET's Harlem Heights"

Thank god I'm being proven wrong , These are pictures from SOL.: Art + Fashion + Finesse at The Black Label Lounge 03.27.09 [SoulStylz] I think we compare pretty well. The Monarchs are doing our part as well, thats why we want you to come to the DIVERSION and help us push the changes forward, I hope to see you there
4355 maryland ave


OcTaViUs said...

oh shit look at chris in the plaid n the bow tie deal!!!!