Young Art

[Yes I know I've been gone with out my laptops, and this is no return, but I had to post a little bit or I was gonna go crazy. After i post a few, look for me in the distance because I still have not fully returned :( . . .]

Some see me as creative , witty, or "out of the Box" but I'm nothing compared to my friends who are ARTISTS, The things people can think of are remarkable to me, I wonder what drives them. . . The monarchs took-a-look into our Universities Gallery Visio yesterday to check out some student work. !Fladd-ouwww!!! this Painting below costs $4500.00 . . . Guess who just got some $Motivation$

This 3d painting below is selling for $2000.00, Now I still can't determine where people get their motivation and ideas from but I know where I get mine, Mr. Nesbitt is ALL about the $$$$$MUNAY$$$$$

This big metal see urchin makes me itch a little but it would look very cool under a glass table.

For me this Amazonian Bird goddess was the Piece de Resistance [Best in Show]. I would love to have this in my home no matter how many times I passed it I couldn't stop looking at it, and this pose was so hypnotizing. . . The goddess is clearly in a tribal dance, and it looked as if she would step back and sway harmoniously at any moment. . . Well maybe I am feeling this art stuff now.